Location! Location! Location!

‘Location! Location! Location!’ is a mantra repeated so often when finding a new place to live.

Mandelbaum House goes above and beyond in meeting these expectations as we are in a prime location of Darlington which sits between Redfern station (giving our residents easy access to the entire city of Sydney), the University of Sydney’s main campus, which includes access to multiple libraries, learning centres and social event sites, including (which was a personal draw-card for me) the universities biggest and freshly equipped fitness facility and gym, hosting basketball, futsal, squash and tennis courts as well as an Olympic size swimming pool. What more could you need to deal with the stresses of university study! The proximity of Mandelbaum to one of Sydney’s fastest growing social and nightlife locations, King Street, Newtown, ensures that college residents will always be spoilt for choice regarding how they spend their leisure time.

Personally, for me and many of the friends I have made at Mandelbaum, the amazing and unique position our college sits not only gives easy access to University academic/study facilities but also an easy, safe and secure portal into Sydney’s nightlife.

Another thing that sets Mandelbaum apart from your other accommodation options is the vibrant communal feel that everyone here experiences as they walk through the doors. The house radiates homely and familiar vibes, with both residents and staff, always happy to help explain college and university life, as well as any extra-curricular activities that you may choose to take part in. These may include college events, that may be organised by students and our very own resident society (RESOC) as well as the residential assistants (RA’s), both of whom host events throughout the semester that promise to keep you busy and entertained during your free time.

Living so close to one of the main stations of Sydney definitely has its perks. With easy access to all the entertainment areas, such as the CBD, Darling harbour, Circular Quay and smaller more locally geared venues that cover our part of the Inner West. Honestly, sometimes the array of opportunities that living at Mandelbaum presents can be overwhelming at times. Even just down the road from college, there is a farmer’s market every Saturday which is famed for its fresh produce, freshly made crepes and coffee, the last two being personal favourites of mine! If you are less of a foodie and more interested in the latest fashion trends including ‘indie’ styles, Mandelbaum sits between two of the best well known locations for meeting your clothing needs, being Newtown and Glebe.

I for one, have fallen in love with the college and its unique location, being in my third year now, I can say with credibility that living at Mandelbaum house has made my University experience so much better in so many unique ways. It’s a must have for any undergraduate or postgraduate student looking for somewhere to live during their studies!!

By Benjamin Leadbetter, Mandelbaum House Resident Assistant