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Street Address

385 Abercrombie St,
Darlington NSW Australia 2008

University Location

H-67, University of Sydney
NSW 2006
Office Phone
(+ 61 2) 9692 5200


Office Phone

Tel (+ 61 2) 9692 5200

Office Hours
Monday–Thursday: 8.30am–4.30pm
Friday: 8.30am–2.00pm
Saturday–Sunday: Closed

Kitchen Phone (+ 61 2) 9692 5236

After Hours Phone (Emergency) 0421 754 426

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Enquiry form

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A welcoming and warm place immersed in cultural diversity,
great memories and friends for life!

Audrey, New Caledonia

It is wonderful to have a spacious and fully furnished bedroom
to which I can retreat to after a busy day of classes!

Julio, Colombia

I love that I always have a healthy option
at every meal that is also delicious!

Rebecca, USA

When you go to uni with 60,000 people,
it’s nice to come back to a family of 40 at the end of the day.

Michael, Australia

Mandelbaum House has been the most diverse,
welcoming, active society I have ever been involved in.

Alex, USA