Our People

Genevieve photo



Genevieve is at the University of Sydney in her fourth year of a Commerce (Finance) and Law degree.

She is from Sydney originally but grew up in Canberra.

Outside of academics, Genevieve plays or has played every sport imaginable (from fencing to boxing) and is also a professional DJ!

A welcoming and warm place immersed in cultural diversity,
great memories and friends for life!

Audrey, New Caledonia

It is wonderful to have a spacious and fully furnished bedroom
to which I can retreat to after a busy day of classes!

Julio, Colombia

I love that I always have a healthy option
at every meal that is also delicious!

Rebecca, USA

When you go to uni with 60,000 people,
it’s nice to come back to a family of 40 at the end of the day.

Michael, Australia

Mandelbaum House has been the most diverse,
welcoming, active society I have ever been involved in.

Alex, USA