Mandelbaum House is the newest and most modern residential college at the University of Sydney. We accommodate 36 students and offer a warm and stimulating environment, open to both men and women, regardless of religion or nationality.

Our small size creates a caring and secure environment, where our residents are able to make good friends while concentrating on their studies. The mix of backgrounds and fields of study amongst our residents provides a valuable inter-cultural connection.

The college boasts bright decor and stylish features. Residents have fully furnished single bedrooms that include a large  study desk, basin, internet access and a private telephone line. We also have a well equipped games room, library and several lounge and kitchenette areas throughout the college.

We are a short walk to most lecture rooms, public transport and  the Sports & Aquatic Centre as well as to King Street which boasts a diverse range of shops, restaurants and cafés.  Sydney’s new home for contemporary arts and culture, Carriageworks, is conveniently located around the corner.

We value learning and host lectures and seminars given by prominent scholars and members of the Jewish and university community. Throughout the academic year visiting scholars from various disciplines  stay in our guest apartments.

Update September 2013:

The University of Sydney is building a flagship home for the new Business School next to us which will open in 2015. This  timeline outlines the noise impact this will have for Mandelbaum House during the construction process. The hours of work that are allowed are 7am to 6pm Mondays to Fridays and 8am to 3pm on Saturdays. The University has issued the following paragraph with a further explanation of the noise impact to the timeline.

“The progress of construction works are subject to the effects of the weather; however it is currently programmed that the majority of the heavy excavation plant noise that is in progress at the moment (excavators, trucks and piling rigs) will be complete by the end of 2013, with the main activities during the first half of 2014 being the erection of the concrete structure from Basement to Roof Level.  The impacts of this will be more isolated to individual workers’ power tools rather than continuous plant noise.  These works will occur in a west to east direction – from the Darlington Public School end to the Codrington Street end of the site.   This will occur from early January 2014 next to the school, and continue progressively eastwards (towards Codrington Street) until June 2014 for the part of the Business School directly behind Mandelbaum House, with the wing of the building facing the Codrington Street gum tree due to be completed in late July 2014.   Whilst this is occurring, the building will be progressively enclosed by the metal and glass façade, which will serve as a sound barrier against the building works happening behind.  The facade will be gradually wrapped around the building’s structural frame, again working progressively west to east, from between April and August 2014.”  

Update January 2014:

“The Abercrombie Student Accommodation project was awarded to John Holland  in late December 2013.  Following the relocation of The Shepherd Centre to Burren Street over the Christmas break, site fencing and access ways commenced in January 2014 and site works are due to commence at the beginning of March 2014 when the Boundary Lane Children’s Centre moves out to its new premises which will allow demolition of the both the Shepherd Centre building and Boundary Lane Children’s Centre to take place. The relocation of the Boundary Lane Children’s Centre is important to the timing of the construction works as structural demolition cannot be completed until the centre is no longer operational. Demolition and site clearing, when completed, will be followed by excavation works, piling and in ground footings which are expected to be completed by late May 2014, subject to favourable weather. These activities will involve continuous use of heavy plant (excavators, trucks and piling rigs) which will generate some construction noise throughout the day. Construction of the new five storey structure will continue from early April 2014 through to November 2014, subject to favourable weather. Whilst the concrete structure is progressing, noise impact will be reduced to individual workers power tools with isolated attendance of concrete pumps and trucks when concrete is being poured. As the structure is completed, the precast concrete façade, windows, louvers and panelling will be installed which will enclose the building and minimise noise from the fitout works inside. These enclosure works are expected to commence in late July 2014.  Completion of the project is expected to be late April 2015”. The Abercrombie Student Accommodation timeline can be found here: ASA Visual Program 30Jan14.